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Tips for planning a party

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6 weeks before the party


1.  Help your child select a theme for the party.

2.  Decide the number of people to invite.

3.  Pick RSVP date at least 1 week before party.

4.  Choose location

·    Things to consider—do you have space in your home or in your                backyard

·    Do you want to rent a room in a park district or restaurant

5.      If you are planning to have entertainment, start researching companies.

·    One option is to hire one of your child’s favorite costume              characters.

5.  Try to book entertainment at least 3 weeks in advance of your party

6.  Choose date/time of party

7.  Determine your budget for party


2 - 3 weeks before the party


1.  Mail invitations to guests.

·    Keep a list of guests to be used for RSVP checklist.

2.  Decide what you are going to serve guests (adults and children).

·    Just cake/cupcakes/cookie cake

·    Lunch (pizza, chicken nuggets, etc.)

·    Snacks for children and adults (goldfish crackers, pretzels, fruit,              bagels and cream cheese, etc.)

·    Drinks (waters, juice boxes, soda)

·    Plan for enough adults and children

3.     Order cake/cookie/cup cakes (if not baking them).

4.     Start thinking about additional party supplies (i.e., decorations, paper              goods, goodie-bags, prizes for games, etc.).  There are a number of              great resources online such as our Party Store, Piñ,              BirthdayExpress, Birthday in a Box, or The Party Works where you can purchase all your supplies


1 week before the party


1.   Finalize activities for party if doing your own entertainment. 

·    Choose at least 3 - 4 activities/games that are relevant to you              theme

·    If you hired entertainment, confirm the location, date, and time of              party. 


2 - 3 days before the party


1.     Call guests who have not responded yet.

2.     Shop for last minute supplies for party (i.e., munchies, batteries, candles,              etc.)

3.     Make goodie bags (if not purchasing ready made ones).

4.     Charge batteries for video camera and digital camera (if necessary).

5.     Bake cake if not ordering one.

6.     Make a checklist of everything you need for day of the party.



1 day before the party


1.     If party is at home, clean up party area.

·    Put away toys that may be dangerous or distracting to children

·    If party is in a Park District, for example, follow-up to make sure              toys in room will be put away.  This is especially important              if the party is    in a multipurpose room or other room with lots              of toys and interactive games.

2.     Arrange for cake delivery or pick-up.

3.     Arrange for delivery or pick-up of food to be served at party.

4.     If you hired an entertainer, confirm time and location one more time.

5.     Verify the checklist includes everything you need for the party.


Party Day!


1.     Use Checklist created earlier to help make sure you have everything for              the party.

2.     Set-up decorations in party area of your house or in party room.

3.     Put candles in cake (make sure you have a knife to cut the cake and              matches to light the candles).

4.     Pick up balloons to tie to mailbox or porch if at home or to door of              rented room to let everyone know where party is.

5.     If opening gifts, make sure to have a pen and paper handy to record who              brought which gift.

6.     Set up table/food and any games to be played during party

7.     Make any final changes/additions to decorations.


You made it!  Enjoy the party!

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