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Theme Parties for Boys

6 and up

Chocolate Factory Party ®Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes to life with this delicious party.  Indulge in chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, marshmallows,      pretzels, and more through fondue.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Dance Party:  Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie to today’s hottest artists  plus some of your old favorites such as Freeze dance, YMCA, the Twist, Conga, and many more. 

Adventure Fear Party ®Wear Safari hats while engaging in various relays and Fear “challenges  (i.e., eat worms, drink blood, and test your ultimate strengths).

Arts and Crafts PartyPicasso comes to life when children create the craft of their choice such as jewelry boxes, necklaces, hats, or even a pillow.  These crafts and many more are available with this Party.

Block Party ®Put on those construction hats and get ready to design and build towers, skyscrapers, and buildings through Legos®, blocks, etc.

Arts and Crafts Party

Big Band Party ®Lights! Camera! Action!  You too can be star in this musical experience.  Practice lyrics, wear a costume, and perform a song.

Character Party: Featuring many of your favorite characters .  Characters can be added on to any party.

Creepy Crawlers Party ®Spiders, lizards, bugs, and more — beetles, ants — it’s time to explore.  Brave little buggers will love this creepy crawly party as they create bugs and “eat” tasty treats.

Character Party

Edible Art Party ®Bam! Crunch, munch! Come and create art with delicious ingredients right out of your very own home.

Fabulous Fifty’s ®Put on those leather jackets and poodle skirts and dance the night away.  Learn the Hand Jive, Twist, and other dances from this FABULOUS time.  Then enter the ice cream parlor and create a special treat.

Fun and Games Party ®Get ready to run and jump in this interactive party filled with relays, games, and prizes.

Edible Art PartyFabulous Fifties PartyFun and Games Party

Gross Me Out Party ®For ooey, gooey, gross fun, this party is the one.  Children will create various gross activities—some edible.

Murder Mystery Party:  Your child’s dreams come true by becoming their favorite character, solving mysteries, and making the unreal real.

Rock Star Party ®: Who will be the next Rock Star?  Wear costumes, record your favorite song and get a Superstar makeover.  

Sports Party:  Bulls, Cubs, Sox, Hawks lookout!  This party offers relay races, drills, and sports games.

Super Science Party ®: You too can be a scientist like Albert Einstein in this Super Scientific partyYour child will experiment with volcanoes,  exploding colors, dancing rabbits, etc.

Sleep Over PartyGiggles, wiggles, pillow fights, munchies, crafts, and more. 

Sleep Over Party
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Let’s Travel Party ®Bon Jour...Shalom… Hola...Grab your passports as we travel to various countries, eat food,     and create art

Let's Travel Party

Blast Off Party ®Spaceships, slime, aliens for sure, we’re off to space “Hooray!” there’s more.  .

The Great Adventure Party®:  Mysteries, relays, obstacles and more.  Two teams and it’s time to explore. 

Blast Off PartyThe Great Adventure Party

Messy Fun Party ®Children learn math and science concepts through this messy party by making slime, play dough, etc.

Muddy Child

Mess is the Best Party ®:  Messy recipes once again come to life in this Messy Fun Party Part II

Mess is the Best Party

Wonderful Wizards Party ®“Poof”  Does magic really exist? Find out as children make potions and other magical creations. 

Wonderful Wizards Party
Boys 5 and Under
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