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Themed Goodie Bags

Music in Motion goodie bag includes:

 Bubbles, maracas, animal putty, etc

Princess goodie bag include:

 Tiara, wand, assorted candy, bubbles, etc.

Messy Fun goodie bag includes:

 Green slime nose, blow bubbles, candy powder, etc.

Beauty Shop/ Pamper Me Pretty goodie bag includes:

 Gummy lips, lotion, body jewels, etc.

Sports good bag includes:

 Vinyl football, sport sipper cup, inflate hand, etc.

Chocolate Factory goodie bag includes:

 Candy cone shaker, gummy fries, camouflage bandanas, etc.

Clown goodie bag includes:

 Clown wig, clown nose, pinwheel sucker, etc.

Rock Star/ Big Band goodie bag includes:

 Echo microphone, inflate guitar, spiked bracelet, etc.

Pirate goodie bag includes:

 Pirate hat, pirate sucker, map, etc.

Adventure Fear goodie bag includes:

 Binoculars, worms in mud, frog bean bag, etc.

Super Science goodie bag includes:

 Volcano sucker, magic beans, growing dinosaur, etc.

Creepy Crawlers goodie bag includes:

 Sticky frog, vinyl snake, growing insect, etc.

Beauty Queen/ Dance goodie bag includes:

 Glow necklace, headbands, pom pom, etc.

Create Your Own goodie bag includes:

 Bucket hat, jewelry, candy, beauty products, etc.

Custom goodie bags also available

Themed Goodie Bags starting at $6.50 per bag

 Each goodie bag includes at least 6 items including those listed below.

 If you are interested in purchasing just goodie bags please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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If you are interested in purchasing just goodie bags please fill out the form below.

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