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Daily Deal Information

Congratulations if you were one of the lucky ones to purchase our LivingSocial Daily Deal. 


This deal sold out on 9/25/11.


If you have questions about our familyFinds promotion.  Please follow this link.


This page is meant to answer any questions you may have regarding the LivingSocial deal: 

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1. The voucher has a value of $200 (for one year) and can be applied towards any of our theme parties.

2. The 5 parties that are valued at $200* (for this promotion) are: Dance Party, Music in Motion Party, Sports Party, Fun and Games Party, and Character Appearance Party.  If you book 1 of these 5, your voucher will cover the entire cost of the party (up to 25 children) depending on the location of the party.

3. Depending on the location of the party, there may be a travel fee assessed.   Any party over 15 miles from zip code 60090 may incur a travel fee. 

4. All 5 of the above parties are 1 hour.  We bring everything we need to entertain for the theme you choose to the location of your choice.  There is an additional fee of $10 per child over 25 children.  It is your responsibility to provide parking for the Creative Celebrations staff.  Any parking fees incurred will added on to the remaining party balance.

5. Please note that purchasing the voucher does not constitute a booked party or guarantee our availability for your 1st choice party date/time.  We try to accommodate everyone, but that is not always possible.  The more notice you can give us, the more likely we will be able to accommodate your date/time.

6. You must call Creative Celebrations to book a party.  Your party is not officially booked until you return a signed contract  to Creative Celebrations.

7. Per the terms posted on LivingSocial, only one voucher may be used per family.  The voucher cannot be shared—same customer must use towards a single party. 

8. If you cannot use your voucher for some reason (even though it’s valid for an entire year.  Check out  This site lets you re-sell your voucher to someone who wants it and can use it.  It’s a great site and definitely worth checking out!

9. The voucher is valued at $200 through September 26, 2012.  That means to get $200 off one of our parties, your party MUST be booked by September 26, 2012. 

10. You can book a party after that date, but the voucher will only be valued at $49 (face value).  You can use the voucher at face value until October 3, 2016.  

11. Any other questions, don’t hesitate to call or email.


* note that the 5 parties included in the LivingSocial promotion are normally valued at $250 and up.  Prices have been reduced for the purpose of this promotion.